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Arrival and Dismissal

Bell Schedule

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The school day at Woodland Park Magnet School begins at 8:25 A. M. and ends at 3:25 P. M. All students shall arrive on time and be picked up on time.


A teacher will be on duty in front of the school at 7:55 A. M. Students are not to arrive at school before 7:55 A. M. Students should not be dropped off in teacher parking areas. This is to ensure your child’s safety. Due to the crowded traffic situation in the private transportation driveway (which is one-way only), parents are asked to leave home early and be patient while waiting to unload at the private transportation gate where a teacher is on duty. In order to provide safety for our private transportation students, cars dropping off/picking up children at Woodland Park Magnet Elementary should turn on Sanders Ave.. from E. Chestnut St., entering at the school’s gate on Sanders Ave.. going one way only. Vehicles should approach this entrance from Sanders Ave. via E. Chestnut St. and NOT Range Rd. More specific transportation guidelines will be distributed on the first day of school.


It is extremely important that your child be on time for school each day at 8:25 A. M. Students entering the campus after 8:25 A. M. bell must report to the office to sign in. After three unexcused tardies the student will be referred to Truancy Court. Three occurrences of students being checked in late will result in the child being placed on a school bus for morning transportation. Excused tardies include student’s illness, student’s doctor’s/dentist’s appointment, death in immediate family or late bus. The principal or his/her designee will make the final decision regarding excused or unexcused tardies. 


Children who are picked up by a parent (in vehicles) are dismissed at 3:25 P.M. Parents must use the private transportation driveway which opens each day at approximately 3:15 P. M. Parents must display the Private Transportation Card in the front window of the car. If the driver does not have a card, they will be asked to pick up their child in the office so that the person can be verified as an authorized person on the child’s office card. Parents are asked not to leave their vehicles to walk through any of the driveways to pick up a child. Duty teachers have been asked to allow a child to leave with a parent only when the car comes to a complete stop in front of the private transportation area. Parents are also asked not to go to the classrooms to pick up students. All parents must remain in their vehicles while on campus and going through the carpool line. Private transportation students are expected to be picked up in a timely manner. Children should be picked up by 3:35 P. M. Three occurrences of students being picked up late will result in the child being placed on a school bus for afternoon transportation. The riding of a bus is a privilege and all safety rules must be followed. Safety and courtesy shall prevail while students are on the bus. All bus students will be transported to his/her address only. If the student has a special transportation request, the parent must fill out the appropriate form in the school office at the beginning of each school year. In addition, students will not be allowed to ride to or from school on any other bus than the bus they are assigned to ride each day.


If a parent wishes to pick up a child any time before regular dismissal (3:25 P.M.), he/she must sign the child out in the school office. Students may not be checked out after 2:45 pm. Only the person (s) whose name (s) appears on the student’s office card and/or parents will be allowed to sign a student out. Identification shall be requested before a student is released. Students who are checked out during the school day receive an excused absence/tardy only for illness, doctors/dentist’s appointments or death in the immediate family once a parent/doctor/obituary note is received. If a parent elects to have another adult check the child out of school, the parent must send a written note giving permission for the child to leave with someone other than the adults listed on the child’s emergency form. Identification must be presented.