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Visitors on Campus


Woodland Park welcomes and encourages parents and other school groups to visit the school at the appropriate times; in fact, special programs and visiting days shall be planned throughout each school year to provide opportunities for such visits. To ensure the proper protection of instructional time and the welfare of the students the following procedures must be adhered to:
1. All visitors must report to the school office immediately upon arrival onto the school grounds. You will need to have your driver’s license or picture ID and a visitor tag will be provided through the school check in system. The tag must be worn at all times while on campus.
2. All visits should be pre-arranged. It is suggested that parents try to schedule conferences before school, after school, or during the teachers planning period.
3. Principals are authorized by the Tangipahoa Parish System to take the necessary steps in dealing with unauthorized visitors.
4. When planning to eat lunch with your child, a two day notice needs to be given to the classroom teacher who will forward the note to the cafeteria.
5. No child or parent will be allowed to enter a classroom after the teacher has left for the day.